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Full-scale blade testing

International accreditation

We have been accredited as a KOLAS international laboratory based on the ILAC MRA in compliance with ISO/IEC 17025:2017 since 2013. Also, WTRC has been designated as a test laboratory in the KS certification system since 2015. RETL accreditation attained from IECRE was another achievement we made in 2019.
Based on our system fully complying with international standards, we are providing a high degree of confidentiality as well as reliable test results for our customers.

Static and post fatigue static testing

We are running two sets of static test equipment composed of test rigs and wire winch systems. The first one can test up to a 70-meter blade in the horizontal testing method, while the other can test up to +100 meter blade in the vertical testing method.
The highly precise in-house control algorithm makes a static test safer and easier minimizing the delay time at target loads to less than 15 seconds.
To measure enough data required by standards and customers, hundreds of channels of DAQ are available with a high degree of precision (less than 0.5 % noise level). Various monitoring and measuring devices such as sound cameras and 3D deflection measurements are also available for safe and reliable static testing.

Fatigue testing

A resonant fatigue testing using external exciters as well as on-board exciters is available. The in-house fatigue control system equipped with various safety functions makes the test much safer and more stable.
With the mode shape prediction technology, we can find an optimized test set-up that matches the test load distribution as close as possible to the target loads minimizing the excessive fatigue damages.
We are also working on developing novel fatigue testing technologies. As a part of them, a dual-axis fatigue test was developed and successfully applied to an actual certification test of a 3MW class blade. The aerodynamic fairings and inertia generation devices are also a part of these efforts to improve fatigue testing technology.

Other blade properties testing

With the measuring equipment maintained under a rigorous control scheme complied with ISO/IEC 17025, the blade mass, center of gravity, and resistance of LPS are measured and reported with measurement uncertainty. Besides, the modal test to measure flapwise, edgewise, and torsional frequency and damping test can be served as required.

Blade inspection

Our philosophy is not only to provide precise testing service but also to fully support customers by detecting and analyzing problems during testing and giving a possible solution for them.
With engineers who have high standard specialty and experience in the composite materials and blade structures, and also with various detecting devices such as thermography, sound cameras, 3D deflection measurements, and ultrasonic NDI, we can provide precise damage or failure monitoring and assessment for customers.

Testing technology innovation

We not only have developed our test equipment and technologies but also continue to improve our technologies by coming up with novel ideas which all come from our extensive experience. As a research institute, we are intensely interested in new technology and welcome any kind of cooperation to develop innovative technology.

Sub-component testing

We just started a new project to establish a test building, secure equipment, and develop test technology that will make it possible for us to support various testings at a sub-component level incorporating the environmental, LE erosion, and functional testing. After 2025, our goal is to provide various sub-component tests to the industry.

Material testing

With a high degree of specialty in composite materials, we have fully supported the material development of the wind turbine industry. Not only in basic material testing required for material certification such as tensile, compressive, in-plane shear, and fatigue testing we can also provide other material testing services to support new material development.